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At KITE, we're not content simply to sell you some beautiful new frames and send you on your way. We want you to look good, sure. But we want you to feel good too.

Your eye health really matters to us, which is why we offer fully-comprehensive, fully-complimentary eye tests to every single customer, using only the most sophisticated hospital-grade eye-scanning technology.

Book an appointment to visit one of our expert optometrists at our Westfield Stratford store. You'll be in and out in around 25 minutes, armed with an up-to-date prescription from the best in the business.

Not your average eye test

Whether your eyes are the windows to your soul, or not, is debatable. That they are windows to your health, however, is a matter of fact. That's why every KITE appointment begins with our Optomap retina scanner — a cutting edge device that you'll struggle to find anywhere outside of a hospital. The resulting 200-degree HD image (compared to the 45-degrees examined by most opticians) is able to highlight issues in parts of your eye that most traditional scans would miss, meaning we can detect everything from glaucoma and serious eye diseases through to high blood pressure and diabetes.

With your eye health checked, your optometrist will then precisely measure and calculate your prescription. And don't worry: if your prescription has gone up a notch, our lens prices won't. Even if your eyesight requires thinner 1.67 or 1.74 index lenses, we'll upgrade you free of charge. No hidden charges. No small print.

Cutting edge tech

From materials and engineering to eye tests and the latest Carl ZEISS lenses, technology is at the core of everything we do. We won't bore you with a bunch of technical jargon, but know this: the equipment that our optometrists will be using during your eye test is enough to inspire a fit of kid-in-toyshop giddiness in even the stoniest of ophthalmologists.

So, what are you waiting for? Come and visit one of our reassuringly knowledgable and refreshingly friendly optometrists. You'll be back out on the shop floor — ie, the fun bit — within 25 minutes. Guaranteed, or your money back. (Just kidding. The test is complimentary, remember?)

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Eye Test: FAQs

How long will my eye test take?
No more than about 25 minutes, tops.
What lenses do you use for my prescription?
Our single-vision and varifocal lenses only come from Zeiss – and we mean it when we say they're the world's best. We also apply anti-scratch and multi-layered anti-reflection coatings to all our lenses. We're nice like that.
What kind of frames do you offer?
When your eye test is complete, one of our super-lovely stylists can help you choose your ideal frames. Not only will we make sure you look as stylish as stylish can be, but we'll also ensure you have the perfect fit, style and size for your face, 'cos everyone's different, right?
Is the appointment free of charge?
Yessir, it sure is. It'll cost you nada, niente, zilch.