To see. To be seen.

We share a passion for pushing boundaries
& challenging conventions.


KITE existed long before it was given shape and name. Asad Hamir is the 28th optometrist in his family. In 2014, he started KITE with Radia brothers Amar and Adarsh. Together, these three entrepreneurs set about deconstructing the eyewear industry. What did they start with?

A blank sheet. What emerged? An elegant balance of science and art, fashion and health, heritage and invention. Like that playful work of engineering which flies high in a blue sky, KITE looks calm, but is exciting.

Handmade in Italy

KITE has grown steadily to become a company renowned for its uncompromising commitment to quality and craftsmanship. We work with the best factories around the world - German lens technology by Zeiss, premium bespoke acetate by industry leaders Mazzucchelli and Italian handmade artisanry.

To make any pair of KITEs requires over 30 total steps of production, including 8-days tumbling (polishing) process used on each of our frames. But the most important part? The 10 people who bring it all together. 10 pairs of skilled hands and eyes developed from years of experience in Italy.

Kite Lens Technology
Powered by Carl Zeiss

Why? It's hard to tell when looking at a lens what makes it special. But with Carl Zeiss, the detail matters. Their optical lenses contain Digital-Inside technology - lens innovation developed by Zeiss to address the impact modern day digital lifestyle has on our eyesight, allowing for comfortable use smartphones, tablets and other devices. Exclusive to Zeiss, this technology provides the best vision experience and protection for today's digitised world, eliminating the feeling of eyestrain.

Since their inception in 1846, Zeiss have focused ruthlessly on innovation that spans across many fields such as space exploration, microscopy and cinematography. Zeiss lenses capture magnificent moments of history - the first man landing on the moon, and also Stanley Kubrick's iconic films.