Buying and ordering
What’s included in the price?
With every KITE order, you get:
• Zeiss precision lenses cut and glazed to your prescription
• Italian artisan frames of silk-light steel or lustrous Mazzucchelli acetate
• protective case
• lens-cleaning cloth
• drawstring soft pouch
What happens after I order?
When we receive your order, we’ll check all the details including the prescription. Your unique lenses will be made at Zeiss and delivered to our chief lensologist. The work of cutting and glazing is done with precision and speed. We will check and assess your eyewear before posting to your delivery address, or you can choose to collect from our East London store.
Do I need to set up an account to order online?
Setting up an account is totally optional. You can skip this step and checkout as a guest. When you create a password during checkout, an account is automatically created on kitegb.com. This account gives you access to your order history and receipts, faster checkout and multiple shipping addresses.
How do I adjust the fit of my frames?
We can help you get the best fit from your frames – visit us here. Otherwise, most opticians should be able to help, but they might charge a small fee. Get in touch for more advice.
What support do you offer after I buy?
It’s really important to us that you’re happy with your KITEs. We provide a comprehensive aftercare service for all our frames. You can drop by the store, email us, or call +44(020)3728 7777.
Can I order frames with non-prescription lenses?
Yes, and why not? Get the look! If you’re shopping online, simply choose ‘non-prescription’ lenses. Like our prescription lenses, these lenses are also made by Zeiss, so your eyes are being looked after by the best.
Are the prices the same online and instore?
Yes, our prices are always the same – £150 – whatever your prescription, online or instore. The only exception to this is varifocals, where you have two prescriptions within progressive lenses. These must be measured instore and cost £250.
Can I change my order after I’ve placed it?
Before your eyewear has been prepared for dispatch, you can cancel, change the frame colour, or edit your billing and shipping details. If you need to make an amendment, please call us as soon as you can: +44(020)3728 7777.
Can I buy out-of-stock eyewear?
If a frame is out of stock, we will replenish our stores as soon as possible – unless that particular model is discontinued, in which case we will remove it from the website.
Will I receive the same eyewear that I see in the photo?
Yes! If there’s any reason for a difference, we will let you know.
Can I remove anything from my order?
Yes, you can delete any unwanted items, as long as the order hasn’t been processed yet.
Where can I find your store?
You’ll find our ‘first base’ store on the ground floor in Westfield, Stratford. One of our resident optometrists can clinically test your eyes, or you can just browse our eyewear and try frames on for size. Click here for the map. 
PS Keep your eyes open: an exciting new retail-makerspace is in development right now...
What language/s can I use to browse online?
You can browse kitegb.com in English. That’s it for now.

About prescriptions
How do I send you my prescription?
You can take a photo of your prescription, or you can scan it. Attach the image to your order. Our team of lensologists will do the rest. If there are any issues, they’ll let you know.
How do I find out what my prescription is?
• With KITE:
If you don’t already have a prescription, or if it’s been more than a year since your last eye-test, you can visit us here for a clinical eye examination. Free of charge. We’ll do more than check your eyesight. Using the latest tech, we’ll look out for any eye-health issues. And we’ll let you know what’s best for your ongoing ophthalmic health.
• With another specialist:
If you can’t have your eyes tested at KITE, make sure you have a copy of your prescription from a qualified optician. This is all you’ll need to order prescription glasses from KITE. But do ask for your pupillary distance (PD). This is the measure, in millimetres, of the distance between your pupils. The average PD for men is 63mm. For women, the average PD is 59mm.
Can I use my contact lens prescription?
Sorry, but no. Prescriptions for contacts and spectacles are different because the lenses are at a different distance from the your eyes.
Can I buy different KITEs with different prescriptions?
You can have only one valid prescription at a time. If your prescription changes, the new one will override the old one.

About lenses
What prescription lenses can I get from KITE?
All KITE eyewear is fitted with the world’s best lenses from ZEISS. (They equip astronomers too.) All our lenses are the finest they can be, and come with the most powerful anti-reflective, anti-scratch, anti-glare coatings. They also feature Digital-Inside® technology to protect your eye muscles as you switch to and fro between physical space and virtual space on digital screens of all sizes.
Don’t forget KITE’s radically simple innovation: flat fee, round world. The finest lenses from ZEISS. And unique frames handmade by Italian artisans. No small print. No sting. 
• Single vision prescription lenses + frame = £150
• Varifocal lenses + frame = £250
What type of lens should I have?
Lens decisions can be confusing. Don’t worry! We’ll choose the very best lens for your vision, comfort and appearance – including 1.67 or 1.74 ‘high index’ lenses. You don’t have to worry about coatings – because you’ll get the most powerful coating available: ZEISS DuraVision®. This ultra-fine anti-reflective anti-scratch coating of ion-assisted deposition platinum is three times more robust than other coatings.
Do you sell varifocal lenses?
Yes we do, instore – but not online. (For progressive lenses, you need an expert to take precise measurements.) As part of our radical ‘flat fee, round world’ policy, all KITE varifocal lenses + frames are £250, regardless of your prescription. Please get in touch if you’d like to know more.
What lenses do you use in your sunglasses?
All our sunglasses – prescription and non-prescription – are fitted with ZEISS sun lenses. Polarised lenses are available in grey, brown and green colours.
How should I clean my lenses?
All KITE lenses are ZEISS lenses, protected with an ultra-fine DuraVision® platinum coating. This is exceptionally dirt-resistant and scratch-resistant, but it’s not scratch-proof. Do not use wood-fibre materials such as toilet tissue, paper towels or tissues to clean your eyewear. (They clean poorly and can scratch too.) Use only the KITE lens cleaning cloth which came with your eyewear. For stubborn grease marks, rinse the lenses with warm water, apply a tiny drop of washing-up liquid, and gently rub both sides with your KITE cloth. Look out for the KITE signature and limited edition artist-designed cloths!

About delivery
Do you deliver to my country?
We offer FREE international delivery to more than 200 countries and territories worldwide. Your parcel will be delivered by UPS.
How long will my order take to arrive?
Delivery times depend on the type of eyewear you’ve ordered, and whether we have your prescription in stock.
Estimated processing and shipping times (if your order is placed before 3pm Monday–Friday):


UK mainland 


US / Canada


Prescription glasses + sunglasses

6–10 working days

12–17 working days

12–17 working days

15–20 working days

Non-prescription glasses, sunglasses + Home-Try

Next working day

3–5 working days

3–5 working days

5–7 working days

Please note: if you order online for deliveries outside the UK, your local customs office may impose import duties or taxes outside our control. These are your responsibility.
Can the delivery country be different from the purchase country?
No, the delivery country must always be the same country in which the purchase is made.
Do I need to be at home to receive my delivery?
Our couriers will deliver your package to the shipping address you gave us when you placed your order. If you’re out, or unable to take your delivery when it arrives, the package will be dropped off at your nearest UPS Access Point. (There are thousands of UPS Access Points across the UK, in local newsagents and other convenient places near you.) Your delivery note will say where your package is ready to collect. Visit https://www.ups.com/dropoff for more info.
Can I track my order?
Yes, we will send you a unique tracking number which you can use to follow the progress of your order via UPS, in real time.
What if I receive faulty eyewear?
We dispatch eyewear in perfect condition. If you receive anything faulty from KITE, please email us here: [email protected]
What if I receive the wrong order?
If you receive eyewear that you didn’t order (sorry!), please email us here: [email protected]
About privacy
Is my personal information kept private?
We take data protection very seriously. Your information will never be shared with third parties. To find out more, please read our Privacy Policy in full.
Is it safe to use my credit card with KITE online?
For card payments, only Secure Electronic Transactions (SET) are accepted. After verifying that your card is included in the SET system, the system will contact the card-issuing bank to enable you to authorise the purchase. When the bank confirms authenticity, the payment will be charged to the card. Otherwise the order will be cancelled.

NHS and VDU vouchers
Does KITE offer NHS eye-tests?
Yes, we offer FREE eye-tests for everyone, including NHS patients.
Does KITE accept NHS and VDU vouchers?
Yes we do, but only instore (not online). The VDU vouchers we accept are: Edenred Eyecare Vouchers. If the NHS or your employer contributes towards the cost of your glasses, this contribution will be deducted from the eyewear cost which is £150 (any single-vision prescription) or £250 (any varifocals). The value of the deduction depends on your prescription and can be worked out after your eye-test. If, for clinical reasons, you need tints or prisms in your glasses, the value of the voucher will be increased accordingly.
Here’s a guide to the voucher values:
Glasses with: single-vision lenses bifocal (2 distinct optical power) lenses prism-controlled bifocal lenses of any power or bifocal lenses
Spherical power: <6 dioptres
Cylindrical power: <2 dioptres
Voucher A:
Voucher E:
Spherical power: 6–10 dioptres
Cylindrical power: 2–6 dioptres
Voucher B:
Voucher F:
Spherical power: 10–14 dioptres
Cylindrical power: <6 dioptres
Voucher C:
Voucher G:
Spherical power: 14+ dioptres and any cylindrical power
Cylindrical power: 6+ dioptres and any spherical power
Voucher D:
Voucher H:
NHS trust/hospital prescriptions that do not fit above categories (A–H)    
Voucher I (HES):
Contact lenses following a prescription issued by NHS trust or NHS foundation trust
Voucher J:
Am I eligible for NHS sight tests and optical vouchers?
To find out if you’re eligible, please visit the NHS website.
Am I eligible for a VDU Voucher from my employer?
You’ll need to contact Human Resources at your place of work to find out if you’re entitled to a VDU Eyecare Voucher.

About payment
What payment methods does KITE accept?
We accept Visa Debit, Visa Electron and MasterCard. You can also choose to use PayPal. All payments are processed through a secure checkout system developed by Stripe. If you’d rather order by phone, you can call the KITE store on +44(020)3728 7777 – seven days a week.
Is it safe to use my credit card with KITE online?
We take your security seriously. For card payments, only Secure Electronic Transactions (SET) are accepted. After verifying that your card is included in the SET system, the system will contact the card-issuing bank to enable you to authorise your purchase. When the bank confirms authenticity, the payment will be charged to the card. Otherwise the order will be cancelled.
How do I know that my order is OK?
When you place your order, you’ll receive a confirmation email. If you don’t receive the email, please contact us: [email protected]
Why is my payment declined?
Please make sure you’ve entered all the right details. If you chose to pay with Visa or MasterCard credit card, make sure that these details are correct: the long card number, the name of the card-holder, the expiration date, and the 3-digit CVV-code on the back of your card. If you paid with PayPal, please check that all the information is valid, that you have enough in your account, and that you’re able to make an online purchase.
Can I order tax-free?
If you’re shopping with us from within the UK/EU, the prices online are inclusive of Value Added Tax (VAT). If you buy from outside the UK/EU, you won’t be liable to pay VAT, but your local customs office may impose import duties or taxes outside our control. These are your responsibility and KITE cannot offer refunds for such costs.

Returns and exchanges
What’s your refund policy?
Everything from KITE is backed by our 100% guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied with your KITE purchase, we ask you to return it within 30 days of delivery. As long as your purchase is unused and in the same condition it reached you, we’ll give you a full refund. Your statutory rights are not affected. Just call us on +44(0)203 7287777, or email [email protected], or visit us instore at Westfield Stratford City, London E20 1EL.
How do I return something I’ve bought?
1 Return shipping is FREE when you use our prepaid return label. Please contact Customer Care at [email protected] for a prepaid return label.
2 Stick the label on your package. (Please use the original box if possible.) Drop the parcel off at your local UPS Access Point, or contact UPS directly to arrange collection.
3 You can now track the whereabouts of your package on the UPS website.
4 Refunds will be credited to the original payment type and for the original purchase price you paid.
5 Please allow us 3 business days after we receive your package to process your refund.
Do I have to pay anything to return what I’ve bought?
Returns are FREE for UK customers. For international returns, you’ll be responsible for the delivery cost. Make sure you use a postal service that insures the value of the return item, and don’t forget to ask for proof of posting.
How and when will I receive my refund?
As soon as we receive your returned item, we’ll send you an email to confirm approval. Please allow us 3 business days after we receive your package to process your refund. Remember that payments to your credit card always depend on your bank or building society.
What should I do if the refund amount is incorrect?
Contact us at [email protected] and we will solve the problem as fast as possible.
Can I do an exchange?
You can exchange your purchase for something else within 30 days of delivery, as long as your purchase is unused and in the same condition it reached you.
What is Home Try?
Browse our glasses and choose up to 4 optical frames, hitting the HOME TRY button. We'll deliver them to you in about 2 working days, free of charge. You have 7 days to play with your look and get feedback from friends and family. Conveniently return the frames using the pre-paid label included in the box. You can arrange collection or drop off at your nearest access point, anytime. Once you choose the frames you want, place an order online as you normally would. Upload your prescription and we will make a brand-new pair for you, anytime. Home Try is currently only available in Great Britain.
Find out more about Home Try here: https://www.kitegb.com/cart#home-try
Er, I’m still not sure…
Please email us: [email protected] – we’re here to help!